Frequently asked questions

Are ClickNotary associates real, licensed notaries? 

Yes, all ClickNotary associates are registered notaries in their respective provinces. Each province in Canada has different requirements to become a notary public. All associates have gone through their province’s registration process and are a current, registered notary public.

How can a document be notarized online, without a physical signature? 

ClickNotary uses electronic signature software which is compliant with Canada’s Federal PIPEDA act and each province’s respective UECA, legislation which outlines security and privacy requirements for eSignatures within Canada. Your ClickNotary eSignature includes an audit trail for each signature, ensuring traceability and authenticity. 

ClickNotary uses electronic signature software which is ISO 27001 certified, meaning it offers the highest level of information security available on the market.

Are there any documents that cannot be virtually notarized?

Most documents can be virtually notarized, with a few exceptions. Some documents that still require in person notarization include:

- Divorce agreements
- Promissory notes and loan agreements
- Trusts
- Some real estate transactions

Although wills and powers of attorney can be notarized online, a physical signature, rather than an eSignature is still required. Your notary will print and sign a hard copy of these documents, and express mail them to you. Both your signed copy and the notaries copy will be held together.

If you're unsure, please contact us before booking an appointment

Do I have to have a camera on my device for my appointment?

Yes. To verify your identity and witness the signature, your ClickNotary associate must be able to verify your identity via video. Please ensure you’re in a well-lit area, and able to be in clear view of the camera. If you are unable to use video during your session, or your video connection is poor and the ClickNotary associate cannot verify your identity, for your safety, they will not be able to notarize your document.

Can I use my iPad/Tablet/Mobile Device for my appointment?

Yes. You will be able download an app to your device to join your appointment. A link to download this app can be found in your appointment confirmation. Please ensure this app is downloaded prior to your appointment.

What type of ID is accepted?

To perform an online notarization, your ClickNotary associate must be able to verify your identity. A scan of a government piece of photo ID (front and back), that is legible and current (not expired). The ID uploaded must match the client present during the video appointment. In cases where a second witness is needed, this witness must also provide a piece of ID.

How do I send my documents?

A link to upload your ID and documents to be notarized will be sent with your email confirmation. Please ensure your documents are uploaded prior to your appointment. 

If you do not have a scanner at home,  Adobe Scan is a free app that can be used to scan your ID and documents to PDF Please double check your documents are legible before uploading. 
Download Adobe Scan

If you are having issues with uploading your documents or scanning, please us the contact form bor click the chat now button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. 

How do I receive my documents once they have been signed?

You'll receive your notarized document direct to your email inbox right after your appointment. From here, you can either print a hard copy for your records, or forward the digital document.

In the case of wills and powers of attorney, a hard copy with your notary's signature will be express mailed to you. This duplicate hardcopy must be kept alongside your signed copy.

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